It was a red carpet affair for 4-H’ers participating in the fashion review Monday night at the Bent County Community Center.

There were 5 competitors with ages ranging from 10-16, all with the goal of taking home grand champion. Participants were judged on two elements, the first was the outfit itself, the second was the way it was modeled.

All of the outfits modeled were handmade by the contestants themselves, which was a time consuming task for some. For 13-year-old Alicia Deathridge, her outfit was crafted in 2-3 weeks.

“This one was really hard because the pattern was too big so I had to adjust,” she said.

10-year-old Roree Willbanks was another participant who had ran into a few problems during the creation of her outfit.

“It took me about maybe 5 days, just because we had a little problem because the suture it kind of cut it so we had to get more fabric,” she said, “so then that took a little longer than we were expecting.”

Leeana Mata put her outfit together over a month. She spent her weekends working on clothes for the fashion review. She said her favorite aspect of the fashion review was the modeling portion of the event.

Trinity Brown worked with her 4-H leader Linda Smith on Tuesdays to craft her outfit for the fashion show. Also working with Smith was Anointed Brown, who at 16 was the oldest participant in the review.

She said she spent a couple of weeks going over different patterns while planning out her outfit for the event. Her favorite aspect of putting together her outfit was seeing how the pattern she picked out would come out.