Where has summer gone?

Footballs fill the air, and the Broncos have a new off-the-wall, old-school coach with a perfect sounding name for the sport: Vic Fangio.

The new coach and Fantasy Football players are chomping on their mouth guards waiting for the regular season to start, so dry-clean the beer and pizza stains out of your authentic team jerseys and get ready.

I had a football coach in high school who had just finished a career as a player. He had been an All-American running back at the University of Colorado and played for the Broncos for a few seasons in the team’s early years.

One of my earliest memories of him was at the first team meeting, where he was giving instructions to a very large group of expectant players.

There weren’t enough helmets for everyone, due to the large number of kids out for the team, and he ended the discussion by saying, “I want those of you with helmets to wear them and those of you who don’t have them, don’t.”

Talk about post-concussion syndrome! Apparently, my former-pro coach had run into the line with his head down one too many times.

I’m here to warn you that there are dangers to playing Fantasy Pro Football, as well.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, Fantasy Football is where fans take turns drafting individual players off of any pro team to make up a team of their own.

In essence, you are the owner/general manager of a team that competes against other fantasy teams in a fantasy league.

You can have a running back from one team and a quarterback from another, one team’s defense and another team’s special teams.

You don’t have to be a genius to see this could get a bit complicated when you try to watch a weekend of NFL football.

As Joe Theismann once said, “The word ‘genius’ isn’t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.”

My advice is, “Don’t try to be a Norman Einstein, and stay away from Fantasy leagues.”

To me, fantasy football is the ultimate geekery in sports fanaticism.

If your spouse or roommate all of a sudden blurts out, “I’m the football coach and owner of this team around here, and don’t you forget it,” you might want to consider moving out or finding them some real-world counseling.

My advice as the new season begins: Just sit back, watch your favorite team with a cool beverage and a bowl of chips, relax and forget Fantasy Football.

If you’re a Bronco fan, Vic ‘The Fanatic’ Fangio should be entertainment enough.