On July 31, my nephew, JJ, was helping me clean out my garage. He came in for a break and as he was leaving through the sliding back doors, he shouted in a very commanding voice, "Aunti, call the fire department, the shed next door is on fire."

I did not question his order called 911. Misty answered and I gave her the information. She replied, "Don't worry, Frieda (she recognized my voice), the information is now out."

A minute later the sirens were going and 5-7 minutes later the fire trucks began to arrive. The shed was destroyed, but they saved my house from catching fire.

Like soldiers protecting our country, our firemen and police are here to save and protect when they are called on. They stayed, in tremendous heat, until they were sure the fire was out.

Now begins fixing the damage. After the fire was put out, the inspector was here to begin investigating the cause of the fire. The electrical engineer was here to replace the wiring. On Friday, Century Link was here to reinstall my phone and computer lines which were destroyed. Because I am handicapped, I was put on emergency repair schedule.

These men know the importance and urgency of replacing damaged utility lines and they were here 1-2-3. I am sure you would agree we have great men and women in our community.

A thank you to my nephew, JJ, for recognizing the danger and quick reaction. To Lily, who is like a sister to me, taking me to her house and standing by me. To Rose, a special friend, who helps me with typing and computer work and to the friends and neighbors who stopped by to check on me.

Sincerely, Frieda J. Alvarez