With the new Primary School still under construction, the sixth street location with its interior courtyard is the site for starting the new school year for primary students, teachers and staff.

The La Junta Primary School hosted a meet and greet day on Thursday.

“This was a chance for families to meet their child’s teacher, drop off school supplies, fill out other forms, and sign up for the Building Accountability Committee and Parent Teacher Organization,” said Principal Julie Miller in her report at the La Junta School Board meeting on Monday evening. The meet and greet was attended by 199 families, a 60 percent attendance rate.

Total enrollment at the Primary School is 330, distributed as follows: kindergarten, 110; first grade, 111; second grade, 109.

Principal Claudia Apodaca of the Intermediate School reported registration went well. There are 124 students in the third grade, 114 in fourth grade, 107 in the fifth grade and 121 in the sixth grade. Average class sizes vary from 21 to 25, with one class of 26. Apodaca and new Assistant Principal Lance Mosness introduced themselves at a welcome-back assembly, where they also explained expectations to the students. The literacy program will continue for third and fourth grade students.

The Meet and Greet held at the Intermediate School last week had 66 percent family participation.

Substitute teacher pay has been increased from $100 a day to $125 a day.

Superintendent Rick Lovato reported a total enrollment of 1,511 students, which he expects to drop to between 1,400 to 1,450. The roof issue has now been resolved at the new Primary School. Work is almost done on the new section. The top section should be completed in the next couple of weeks.