Last Thursday, the small town of McClave gathered at the park for an ice cream social to celebrate the start of a new school year.

Treats and homemade ice cream were brought to the park in what has become a tradition for the town.

“You know, this has always been a pretty close supportive community and this something that's gone on for years and years,” Bent County Commissioner Jean Sykes said.

She said this event was started by the Good Neighbors club, which was started years ago by the older women in the community, including her mother. She said they held many different events and raised money for things like the street lights in McClave.

Now, the ice cream social is put together by the McClave Booster Club, and Vice President Char Herrera said: “This event is fabulous. It's basically to build school spirit and bring the community together. Everyone volunteers to bring homemade ice cream, cookies and brownies.”

To start things off, the cheerleaders gathered to the front of the pavilion to lead the community in the singing of the school song. After they concluded their performance, it was time for the community to meet their new teachers.

Superintendent Merlin Holmes welcomed the community to the event and then handed off the microphone to Principal Brianne Howe, who introduced the new staff.

The group introduced included: Jennifer Ebright who will be teaching math and some physical education; Trenton Piatt, who will be teaching physical education and social studies; Kenya Almanza, who will be teaching second grade; Courtney Warman, who will teach English and art; and Kolby Brubacher, who will be the business teacher.