On Thursday, the Las Animas City Council convened to pass the addition of a question to the Nov. 5 ballot, about the imposition of a tax on the sale of retail marijuana and marijuana products.

The reason for the meeting Thursday evening, as indicated by City Clerk Charmaine Tripp was that the city was pinched for time on adding the question to the ballot. This is due to the Colorado Revised Statute that states ballot items must be added no later than sixty days before an election.

Ballot issue one will pose the question of a 5.75% tax on the sale of retail marijuana and retail marijuana products. Revenue from the tax will go to funding adequate enforcement and administration of regulations on retail marijuana and products, as well as other purposes of the city.

A similar question was posed and later rejected on last year's ballot which would have increased on the sale of marijuana by 5% over the existing sales tax rate.

Voters will have a chance to again approve or decline an increased sales tax which, according to the ballot issue is estimated to increase city taxes by $150,000, on Tuesday, Nov. 5.