The Las Animas Trojans hit the road this week to face the Sangre de Cristo (SDC) Thundberbirds.

In this non-league matchup, the Trojans looked to overcome their 40-point loss last week to Custer County, but with an injury to a prime tailback, James Zook, there was a big hole to fill offensively and defensively.

The Trojans jumped out to a 14-0 lead against the Thunderbirds. These scores came from a strong ground game featuring Caden Morlan, Justin Miller, and quarterback Markus Vigil.

SDC got on the board in the second quarter through the air and scored again to tie the game 14-14. After an SDC interception, the Thunderbirds scored again to jump up to a 20-14 lead.

In the second half, there were several chances for the Trojans to take the lead. After an SCD fumble, the Trojans scored to tie the game at 20-20.

On the next possession, the Trojans recovered another fumble, but turned around and gave it back to the Thunderbirds who scored and went up 28-20.

Not to be defeated, and much like the epic hero Hector, the Trojans continued to fight. They scored again through the air, but failed to convert the 2 points and were down 28-26.

SDC fumbed again with a Trojan recovery, but again, the Trojans fumbled to let the Thunderbirds regain possession and extend their lead 34-26.

On the ensuing possession, the Trojans fumbled and the Thunderbirds recovered for a touchdown with 11 seconds left in play.
The Trojans fell 42-26.

This week the Trojans return home to face the 0-3 Holly Wildcats at Jack LaSalle Field. Game time is set for 7 p.m.