As volunteers prepare for annual Boggsville Days activities coming up Oct. 11-12, the Bent County Historical Society has some spectacular news! We have been awarded a $155,917 grant by the Colorado State Historic Fund. The grant will be used to sustain and repair the Boggs and Prowers Houses at Boggsville.

Boggsville, a multicultural National Register site along the Santa Fe Trail, is arguably one of Colorado’s most important historic resources as the state’s earliest extant agriculture and trade centers from 1862 to 1873. In order for the grant to go forward, we must provide matching funds by October 1 st . The board is working hard to raise the matching funds. We are asking anyone interested to consider helping us reach that goal by Friday. We are also thrilled to announce that we have secured matching funds so far from the Gates Family Foundation, Peter Grant/National Trust, Bent County Preservation Society, Bent County Commissioners, First National Bank of Las Animas, Dale Leighty, Dairy Queen, and the Bent County Art Guild. This leaves us with $5,984 still needed to make the grant go forward. We continue to be committed to search for additional means of support, and we are certainly grateful for any donations to help us meet our goal.

We remain appreciative of the support that Bent County and its citizens always provide to the John W. Rawlings Heritage Center & Museum and the Boggsville Historical Site. Boggsville illustrates a unique history and we want to be able to
continue to sustain it, as it is a valuable asset to the city, county and state. We are hopeful that it will become a Community Museum like the one at Fort Garland and have been working toward that end with History Colorado. The future of Boggsville is dependent on doing the work necessary now to keep the buildings from deteriorating further, and this grant will help us do that. Come on out and
enjoy the Boggsville Day activities! If you have any questions, contact Larry Bourne at 719-281-6877.