The Las Animas Trojans headed to Wiley to face the Panthers on their homecoming, and the Trojans looked to upset the Panthers’ night.

The first quarter was busy for the Trojans and Caden Morlan who jetted for an 80 yard gain, but the Panthers forced a turnover later in the possession, then turned around with 3:36 left in the first and ran from the 1 yard line 99 yards for the Trojans’ first score.

Wiley tried to battle back and had some major gains. Joe Hawkins stopped one of the runs by dashing nearly 50 yards for an open field tackle, and Cutter Nichols did the same.

The Trojans struck again with Markus Vigil and a 50 yard run in the second to go up 14-0, and the Trojans kept that lead until halftime.

The Panthers scored on the first possession of the second half, but the Trojans kept coming. Vigil scored again with a 15 yard keeper, then Morlan scored again on a 40 yard run.

The final score of the game came in the fourth and the Trojans solidified their win with a Morlan run, and a huge block from Diego Trujillo who lined up as a 2-back. Trujillo leveled the first Panther he came to, and that allowed Morlan to march into the end zone untouched.

The Trojans got their first win of the season, upsetting the Wiley homecoming 42-26.

This week is Homecoming for the Trojans and they will host the McClave Cardinals at Jack LaSalle Field at 7 p.m. on Friday night.