Wednesday morning dawned as a dreary, misty morning to start off the 2019 CoAAA Operation S.A.F.E. Fly-in. The weather gave us early arrivals the chance to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and donuts. Around 11:00 am we finally heard the first aircraft approaching KLAA. Eight more ag aircraft would follow close behind. While the weather started off looking unfavorable the clouds and mist eventually cleared leaving us a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Agri-Spray Consultants Alan, Carson, and Meagan Corr ran an a very efficient flight line. Carson and Meagan covered the action out in the field, while Alan analyzed the test results and communicated those results to the pilots. Fly-in would not run smoothly without some special volunteers.Brian "Zack" Zemmer from Jet Stream Ag Aviation volunteered to bring the test lines from the flight line into the office to be analyzed. Rayce Coen volunteered to load the aircraft with both water and dye for the testing event, since he is very experienced after loading for his dad's operation over the summer. Too bad the only person to make Rayce spill dye on his hands was his father. At least Rayce was a good sport about the pink hands!

Thursday morning came with much better weather and an earlier start to the flight line testing. Another five aircraft flew in to participate bringing a total of fourteen aircraft that were tested during the 2019 fly-in. Alan Corr from Agri-Spray Consulting provided a lecture on efficient boom set-up, nozzle choices, and drift reduction techniques over the lunch hour.

We would like to say a special thank you to Eric and Tanya McSwan from Lamar Flight Service for providing the venue, vehicles to run back and forth on the flight line, and ordering the food. Lamar Flight Service provides a Maintenance shop with full-time Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with Inspection Authorization. If you are close by or flying through KLAA stop by and say hi to our friends at Lamar Flight Service!

Operation S.A.F.E. is a comprehensive program of education, professional analysis of application, and commitment to the principles outlined by the NAAA Board of Directors. NAAA is convinced that full implementation of Operation S.A.F.E. offers substantial advantages to the operator, his customers, and the producers of chemicals applied by air. These advantages are found in economy of operation and application, as well an in increased safety and reduced health and environmental concerns.