The “Spur of the Moment” mystery at the Museum was solved during “Family Night at the Museum” this past Saturday evening. The mannequins came to life and historical characters appeared to find that Clay Allison had been killed in front of the Jewelry Store in 1877.

Rutherford B. Hayes had just been inaugurated and the citizens of Las Animas were out late, some celebrating the victory, some
drowning their sorrows at having a Republican in office.

There were five suspects, Blacksmith Colonel Mustard (Clyde Lamley); School Marm Mrs. White (Diane Baublits); Candy Shop Owner Mrs. Peacock (Lara Jean Smart); Writer Professor Plum (Bill Baublits); Saloon Worker Miss Scarlett (Laura Bundy); and Bank Teller
Mr. Green (Rob Moorehead). The Arkansas Valley Chamber Orchestra performed old-time music in various spots throughout the Museum to set the mood and play beautiful music. Other characters included a member of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement (Elizabeth); Candy Shop employee Tracey Johnston; cowboy (Nathan Rose); Fort Lyon Cavalry member (Jason Gralton); Army Guard at Fort Lyon (Clinton Impson); bartender (Alex Nassif); Phyllis Lutz (Hostess at the Americana Hotel), Kathleen Tomlin (hostess visiting from the Park Hotel), all adding to the mystery and confusion.

The Women’s Freedom League was holding a public meeting requesting votes for women. About 50 people enjoyed trying to solve
the mystery, eating delicious homemade food and refreshments, visiting the bank, candy shop, school, blacksmith shop, saloon, chuckwagon, and other various sites, looking for the clues, and thoroughly enjoying the music.

Raelynn Domston won the grand prize by solving the mystery and received a set of spurs.

Many kudos to Pat Bertram, unable to attend, who wrote the mystery and donated miniature spurs for all participants. The Las Animas citizens feel Pat did an excellent job! Many thanks to all that volunteered and attended to make this event fun and successful.