Ever since he was a young boy, born-and-raised Las Animas resident Randy Losey has always loved to collect things. What sort of things, one might ask? Many, many things. Neon signs, cars, tractors, thingamajigs and other doohickeys have been Losey’s hobby for decades. He doesn’t quite know how he discovered his affection for collection, but his hobby will be dissected for audiences across the nation at 7 p.m. Nov. 25, in the latest episode of “American Pickers” on The History Channel. Losey’s hobby started with toys and then auctions as he grew. Over the years he’s amassed quite the stash, using several warehouses and railroad box carsto store all of his belongings. Sometimes he purchased something because it was offered at a steal of a deal; other times, he just felt drawn to an item. Regardless of his motivations at the time, if Losey bought it, he kept it. Until, that is, a couple break ins occurred. Losey lost thousands of dollars in possessions, he said, and although he suspects he knows who did it, nothing ever amounted to a legal threshold of proof. After that event, Losey installed security cameras, alarms, the whole works, at each of his storage sites. But in a way the damage had already been done: his urge to collect had been wounded by that wrong. He had first got in touch with show runners for “American Pickers” a few year ago, he said. “I finally did (get a hold of them). They asked for photos and I think my mom and I sent them about 175 photos of just kind of walking around, what we could see in different places,” said Losey. “They came out and looked first. Robby and one of the producers came out and looked and made sure I really had enough, or that my photos were of what’s really there. A few days later, show runners contacted Losey and confirmed they had a green light to go forward with the show. They traveled to Las Animas a few weeks later to film.”They were here from about 9 in the morning to about 6 that afternoon,” Losey said. “They did stop to see one other lady in town. Bought some old motorcycles. They also went to the Museum that afternoon ...” Losey’s full experience can be viewed at 7 p.m. Nov. 25 in “American Pickers,” on The History Channel. cburney@ljtdmail.com