About 1:30 a.m. last Friday, an 18-wheeler heading west on I-50 ran into and through the east side of the Tamarack Grill. according to Fowler Police Chief Jeff Worth.

“He misunderstood the way the road went because of the snow on the road and he was unable to stop because of the ice and he drove into and through the east side of the restaurant,” Worth said.

Nobody was in the restaurant at the time of the accident and the driver sustained no injuries as a result of the crash. However, he was cited for exceeding a safe speed for the weather conditions and careless driving.

“He was driving too fast for the weather conditions; he should’ve been going a lot slower,” Worth said.

The driver of the 18-wheeler signed both of the tickets he was given as a result of the accident, according to Worth. As for the damage to the building, Worth indicated that the damage was significant.

“He went into the kitchen and he stopped in the kitchen, but still that took out a big amount,” he said.