A recount will be held at the Bent County Courthouse on Thursday to determine the winner of the race for ward two between Terri Kim and Jaxson Meardon.

When the unofficial results were released only 1 vote separated the two candidates for Ward two with Kim edging out Meardon 82 to 81, however, once the official results were given they both came out with 85 votes a piece. Despite the tie the other results from the election held true to form with Jim Collins receiving 559 of the 702 votes cast for mayor, Charmaine Tripp received 632 votes for county clerk and treasurer, Roberot Montoya received 450 for the city light and power board, Robert 'Sonny' Smith received 182 votes for the ward one seat and Cassandra Torres-Seifkas received 172 votes for ward three.

As for ballot measures, the official results show that proposition CC received 985 votes for no and 463 for yes, 938 people voted against proposition DD compared to the 509 yes votes and finally ballot issue 2A officially passed with 500 votes in its favor compared to 212.