On Nov. 22, Gregory Mize, was arrested by the Otero County Sheriff’s office in La Junta and on Nov. 24 was found dead in his cell by deputies at the Bent County Jail.

As of Tuesday, Dec. 10 the investigation appears to be ongoing. The Bent County sheriff's office could not be reached for comment in time for publication.

Mize was 41-years-old and charged with fugitive of justice, according to Colorado law a fugitive of justice is when a person who is charged with treason, felony or other crimes in another state has fled from justice. A person could also be extradited by violating bail, conditions of probation or conditions of parole.

According to the Bent County Sheriff Office's jail registry, Mize was scheduled to be released two days after he was found dead on Nov. 26.

At the time of publication the Otero County sheriff’s office couldn't be reached for comment on the arrest of Mize.