Action needed by

our county leaders

Even as I write this, our state government is preparing to inflict more laws that will further restrict our freedom and cripple our economy in many ways. The most egregious of this is attacks on our liberty under the Second Amendment.

We citizens here in Pueblo County can resist the power of the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins voting bloc by declaring as a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Sheriff Kirk Taylor, you have so far declared yourself ‘neutral’ regarding the unconstitutional red flag law passed last year. In order to restore your integrity, you must commit to honor your oath to defend our Constitution and stand for our liberty.

Mr. Hart, Mr. Ortiz and Mr. Wiseman you must declare that we will no longer tolerate the predation of our state government on our freedom, our economy and our way of life.

We do not have to be alone. Other counties already have taken this bold and upright step. Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins have had it their way too long and their way is toxic for our state. We can fight back and we must. But it requires courageous action by those we elected to serve and protect us. We are watching what steps you will take, gentlemen.

Dennis Chappell, Pueblo