The Las Animas Trojans had a big week back to school. Not only did they have to get back to the grind of school, they had two big conference games to prepare for.

The first was against the Swink Lions — a constant rival — and the second was against Crowley County.

On Friday night in Swink, the Trojans came out of the gates running. They put up a mighty 18 points in the first quarter and held Swink to a mere 7. From there, both teams were pretty equal with Swink edging the Trojans out in the second quarter for a halftime Trojan lead of 26-17. From there, the Trojans and Lions exchanged blows with a big one coming in the fourth from Swink, which put up 19 points. But it wasn’t enough as the Trojans had already built up enough of a lead to withstand the push from the Lions. The Trojans won 48-44.

Markus Vigil put in 15 points and was aided by Nick Chavez, who added 12, and Justin Miller, who put up 10 of his own. Chavez added 11 rebounds for a double-double on the night.

Without much time to celebrate or think, the Trojans hosted the Crowley County Chargers. With momentum coming off of the Swink win, the Trojans looked to mount some more momentum heading in to the league season. The Chargers thought differently and defeated the Trojans at home, 57-45.

Nick Chavez had a big night with 16 points and Vigil added 10 more. Chavez also led with 9 rebounds — nearly a second double-double.

This week the Trojans travel to Rocky Ford on Thursday for a 5 p.m. start, then travel to Holly on Friday for a 5 p.m. start.