The Bent County Commissioners reappointed many different individuals to a variety of boards at its meeting last week.

But before they could begin with all of the appointments, they were met with a dilemma when they accepted their first resignation coming from the recreation board. This board before the resignation had six members. However, the commissioners pondered if it was best to keep it at five or appoint a new prospective member and keep it at six.

“So, now we are in a place where we are faced with the question of do we keep the five member board?...Or do we continue on the path that we are on for the sake of having equal representation,” Commissioner Kim MacDonnell said.

Chairwoman Jean Sykes discussed the possibility of another member resigning in 2021, which could open up a spot for the prospective member. Ultimately, they decided to keep it at a five-person board due to voting reasons.

Other board appointments from the afternoon included Tina Godfrey to the Fair Board, Shawn Cardinelli to the Tourism Board, Calvin Feik to the CSBG Board, Andrew Huffman to the HealthCare Center Board, Teale Hemphil to the Bent County Community Board, Carol Stowell and Sharon Genau to the Senior Board.

The next Bent County Commissioners meeting is scheduled to be held Feb. 6 starting at 9 a.m. at the Bent County Courthouse.