As the calendar page turned toward 2020 the focus of Bent County Sheriff Jake Six, turned toward upgrades to the Bent County Jail.

“We have got a lot of projects, but mainly we are focused on the jail for this year,” Sheriff Six said.

He said that they are trying to strengthen their processes and procedures to make operations at the jail run a little bit smoother.

One upgrade coming soon to the jail is video visitation which will allow inmates to visit with people from behind a different kind of glass. That of which would be a computer screen where inmates can potentially video call loved ones.

“We are working on getting that done soon, but that’s one of our many projects. To where visitors can get on their I-Phone and visit with an inmate instead of coming here,” he said.

Six added that while visitors can still go to the jail to visit with an inmate their conversation will also be had through a computer in the lobby where they can Facetime an inmate. This will combat the amount of time that deputies in the jail would have to spend moving inmates around when a visitation occurs.

Another upgrade already in the pipeline is that of new and continued training for all of the deputies both new and old that work at the jail. The first group to be subject to the new training is the new deputies who will spend the first 3 weeks of the 6 week course in the classroom. Followed by 3 weeks field training where they will be working in the jail whilst also training at the same time.

“We’ve done report writing, legal liability and just the general operations of the jail, Jail Supervisor Lane Elliot said.

The training will also include how to operate the new tech that the jail is getting and things like arrest control. All of the classes will be taught in house and other departments such as Prowers who have helped out twice this year will assist with the training.

“So, once these guys are done then the older staff will come in and do the same training and then we will continue the training at least two to three times a month after that, to where all the jail staff is getting trained consistently,” Elliot said.

This continuing education according to Elliot will ensure that everyone is on the same page. Another upgrade already in process for the jail is the triple stacking of beds in the jail cells which will increase how many inmates the facility can hold.

“Basically at this point we’re below par trying to get to par and at this point we are advancing,” Six said.

As for crime statistics for the area for the month of Jan. according to Sheriff Six, dispatchers received 1,126 calls as of Jan. 28. Of those 1,126 calls he said that 349 of them were specifically for the Sheriff’s department where cases were filed. The other calls he said are seen as assistance where they will go out on a medical call or a vehicle lockout.

“All the numbers are so low this month it’s actually quite amazing,” he said.

Those numbers he relayed showed that there were eight thefts for the month, two burglaries which are down from past months, four frauds, two harassment, three assaults, four domestics and eight traffic accidents.

“There’s no trend at the moment everything is just down,” he said.

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