The Speakeasy Club at the John Rawlings Heritage Center hosted a Roaring 20’s murder mystery dinner the evening of Feb. 9 in the Grand Hall, which was converted into a basement.  Sixty-six people enjoyed Italian cuisine and tried to solve the murder so the police could be avoided!  There might have been some illegal alcohol and gambling, which is prohibited in the city.

The crowd was enjoying the results of betting on some horse races and having a grand old time when everything went south. Dolly Carson (Linda Bourne) served as the Mistress of Ceremonies of the Lost Souls Underground Club.

Poppy O’Hare (MacKenzie King) was the songbird of the Club; her bodyguard was Grunt, (Tanner King); Bess Jordan (Tracy Johnston) was furious because Poppy wouldn’t join the Suffrage Movement; Florence Nash (Jean Smart) was complaining that Poppy had an affair with her husband; Carmen Trujillo (Sakura Cole) joined the suffrage movement with great enthusiasm; Felix Tucker (Larry Bourne) served as a card dealer; and Win Winslow (Joseph Eubank) served as a bookie taking bets on an upcoming boxing match.  Everyone knows that Mr. Big runs the rackets in Bent County and there are rumors that he has fixed the race, but no one knows who he is.  James Prowers (Gabe DeVargas) had lost a lot of money on his wife’s horse, Milk Money, and is upset.  Frank Farraday (Rob Moorehead) served as the jockey, who usually never wins a race, but did this time.  Effie Townsend (Kimberlie King) served as bartender.  Charles Preston (Billy King) served as the physician who tried to revive Poppy after she collapsed and declares her dead from poison.

Mildred Boggs (Kathleen Tomlin) saw Poppy drink from Win’s glass, so she knew Win was the target.  Finally, Dolly Carson admitted she had committed the murder (although it was supposed to be Win Winslow who died), and also that she was Mr. Big. Billy King and Reyes Hernandez were the Master Sleuth winners from the audience that solved the mystery.  Other awards were Most Dastardly Villain – Larry Bourne, Kimberlie King and Joseph Eubank. Best costume went to MacKenzie King. Best Performer was Joseph Eubank.  Pat Bertram was celebrated as the author who wrote the mystery, and also helped in many other ways. Thanks to Karen Garland who helped at the desk and served the meal.  The Bent County Art Guild thanks all those who came and supported this annual event.

The Art Guild raises money to help the Museum and Boggsville with special projects and to support artistic needs at the schools. They host the annual Santa Fe Trail Day Art Show and other events to encourage artistic goals and aspirations.