Staying active and finding things to do while stuck at home can be tough, however, the Executive Director of Bent County Public Health Omer Tamir has some information to help pass the time.

With gyms, schools and rec centers closed staying active can be challenging so some safe activities for those young and old are to take a walk, go for a hike, do some yard work or play in your yard. Maybe staying inside and isolated is making you stir-crazy. Some safe activities to do are cleaning out a closet, reading a book, listening to music or going for a ride.

Other safe activities to do while social distancing are cooking a meal, having a family game night, starting a group video chat, streaming a show, checking on a friend or checking on an elderly neighbor.

Some activities can still be completed, however, caution is advised for activities such as making a trip to the grocery store, getting take out, picking up meds and playing in the park. Situations and activities to avoid include play dates, sleepovers, visitors in your house, unnecessary travel and non-essential workers in your house.

Tamir also shared some information about when and when not to call 911 during this pandemic. If you experience symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, you’re choking, have difficulty breathing, speaking, waking or seeing you should call 911. The same goes for if you have an allergic reaction, sudden and severe pain, confusion, dizziness or disorientation.

It is recommended that you avoid calling 911 for info about COVID-19, a ride to the doctor’s, testing for COVID-19 or mild symptoms. For more information about COVID-19 you can visit