The Bent County Commissioners met last week for their last meeting of March to discuss updates on Ft Lyon, funding for the county's transit service and more.

One of the first issues tackled in the morning was a modification to the county's medical plan to allow for employees to have aquatic therapy along with regular physical therapy. Commissioner Jean Sykes said that not having this option was an oversight when the policy was renewed and the addition will be at no added cost to the county.

They also ratified commissioner Sykes' signature on a letter to the Federal Transit Administration funding service. The letter requested that Bent County be able to continue to receive funding during the halt of their transit service.

Commissioner Sykes said that the purpose of the funds is to continue to pay for their transit drivers wages throughout the duration of the halt. She added that the training and hiring of CDL qualified drivers is difficult and they would like to keep them available for when they are able to start up operations again. During this time she also said that some of the drivers have been reassigned to various duties.

Another topic discussed was the implementation of a gate monitoring system service to help direct community members who enter the Ft Lyon facilities and campus. Sykes said that as they continue to deal with the pandemic the monitors will also ask visitors questions concerning travel and do temp checks. They implemented this system two weeks ago to help keep the Ft Lyon residents from being exposed to COVID-19.

In other news from the meeting, the commissioners approved a quote for the purchase of a new shredder for the East Road and Bridge department in the amount of $17,800. The next Bent County Commissioners meeting is scheduled for April 2, at 9 a.m. For more information about the meeting you can visit to learn more.