The Statewide Feeding Task Force, working through the Unified Coordination Group (UCG), announced Colorado received $3 million delivery of infant supplies from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The delivery includes: 8,200 cases of formula, 23,260 packages of diapers and 53,167 packages of diaper wipes. These essential supplies will go to families who are experiencing poverty and not able to find resources to meet their basic needs. These supplies will be available to families enrolled in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), child care providers taking part in the Emergency Child Care Collaborative and from Family Resource Centers around the state.

This need arose both because there was difficulty finding supplies in retail stores and because families are facing the economic impacts of being laid off from work and cannot afford supplies, even if they are available.

Tri-County Family Care Center, 512 ½ N. Main, Rocky Ford in partnership with the BOC ECC (Bent, Otero, Crowley Early Childhood Council) are coordinating the Essential Baby Supplies that will be provided for the Southeast corner of the state. This will include diapers (sizes 1, 3, 4-5), wipes and formula (Enfamil Infant and Enfamil Gentlease).

When they are delivered, we will distribute some supplies to organizations that will assist needy families. Otero County families can get supplies and request other assistance from Tri-County Family Care Center. They can access an intake form from their office foyer or from their web-site: or call 719-254-7776 for more information. They will need to complete and return the form to our agency. Crowley County families can contact Kids Campus, 719-267-3650 to access supplies. Bent County families can contact Las Animas Helping Hands at 719-468-3396 to inquire about supplies and request other assistance.