A year after retiring as the school's head baseball coach, Las Animas High School's Carl Lindauer is retiring as athletic director.

"I had retired last year and I was double-dipping and working on a special contract," Lindauer said. "It was just time to get out of the teaching part of it."

Cody Hines, Lindauer's long-time assistant, was named the head baseball coach for this season.

"He was ready and Jim Pryor, my head assistant, were ready to turn it over to some young blood."

Lindauer has been in education for 31 years, all of it at Las Animas.

"I coached two years before that as an assistant coach before I was actually was a teacher," Lindauer said.

He was a coach in four sports at Las Animas. He coached football, boys basketball, girls basketball, but he is especially remembered for coaching baseball.

"I was the head football coach for three years," Lindauer said. "I have 18 years as a junior high/middle school football coach. Baseball I did for 23 years as a high school coach. I was junior high girls basketball for seven years and I coached five years of junior high boys basketball. I coached the high school girls basketball for 13 years total and that's including this year. The high school boys basketball team, I coached for two years."

Lindauer has had great success coaching all of the teams.

The highlight of Lindauer's coaching career is the 2005 state baseball championship team.

"That was a really special team," Lindauer said. "I had a whole series of really good teams, but the 2005 team was a unique team. They were a good group of kids. All of those kids on that team are doing pretty well professionally."

He also had great success in basketball.

"In 1990-91, we played in the state championship with the girls basketball team," Lindauer said. "In 1996, we had a run like we had in baseball, we were ranked 1 or 2 or 3. In 1994, we beat the 1A state champion, Eads. We beat the 2A state champion, which was Fowler. We beat the 3A state champion in John Mall, and we beat the 4A state champion, which was Lamar. But we didn't win the state championship. That was the year the John Mall girls won the 3A state championship.

"In boys basketball, we just got beaten by Del Norte in the regional in 2005, who we had beaten earlier in the year," Lindauer said.

Lindauer was also involved in developing a Santa Fe League for junior high baseball.

"I was spearheading that, and there have been a few of us who have wanted to do it," Lindauer said. "I've been involved with it from the beginning and Jess Downey has been on the backside of it, giving feedback and suggestions. It's something we want to get going. I'll probably be involved with that next year. Right now we have six teams. He have Holly Las Animas, Swink, Rocky Ford, Manzanola and Custer County. Most of those teams were practicing already. We would have started April 16, but everything's rolled over."

Lindauer may return to coach the Lady Trojans again next year, but that depends upon some circumstances.

"Right now, I want to coach, but what's going on with this coronavirus has me really concerned," Lindauer said. "This thing isn't going away until we get some type of vaccination for it. Right now, I'm planning on coaching next year, but that all depends upon what's happening in athletics next year."

Lindauer has also been involved with several other administrative projects during his career.

"I'm the Santa Fe League president and legislative council representative," Lindauer said. "I've also been on the board of directors for CHSAA from 2006-10. This my 15th year as athletic director at Las Animas High School. I've been the president of the Santa Fe League the past 13 years. I was on the legislative council voting person for the Santa Fe League for 12 years. I've been on the baseball committee for two years for CHSAA. I seeded the 1A football for six years. I was on the basketball seeding committee for 14 years. I was the chairman for the sportsmanship committee for CHSAA for six years. I was a registered football official for 14 years."

Lindauer plans to spend a lot of time in the outdoors during his retirement.

"I'm doing anything I want to, to be quite honest," Lindauer said. "I'm an outdoorsman, so I want to do a lot of hunting and fishing. I'm going to stay around the sports scene a little bit. I like working with the girls. I plan to be around, so you will see me around. We're not packing up bags and leaving the Arkansas Valley."

Lindauer had some praise for the contributions in high school sports.

"High school sports is one of the best things there is in society today," Lindauer added. "It provides so many ways for these kids to kick butt and to be successful. I think that it's a great learning tool and everybody better recognize that."