As gel nails grow out to unwieldy lengths and become a nuisance on keyboards, women who depend upon a regular visit to the nail salon are resigning themselves to what they can do for themselves. Well-maintained short haircuts are getting shabby. White roots are showing.

Kate Ormrod, Analyst at Global Data, said “… as the weeks go by and shoppers want to treat themselves and regain a sense of normality, we expect them to expect them to seek at-home beauty and grooming alternatives now that their usual destinations for treatments are temporarily closed.”

To top it off, beauty suppliers in the area are limited to Safeway, WalMart or the dollar stores. There’s a reason people depend on salons in small towns. Besides lack of skills, consumers face problems with obtaining high-quality product and have been cautioned about personal shopping.

The service offered by Walmart to call in your order, then drive up and have it brought to your car, is being relied upon not only for groceries, but for personal care items as well. It’s that or the internet.