Last week the Las Animas City Council met to discuss updates on the city and the marijuana poll results.

“Welcome to the absolutely irregular meeting of the city council,” Mayor Jim Collins said as he began the meeting.

One of the first people to speak was City Clerk Charmaine Tripp and she spoke about how the city has been following orders by Governor Polis by reducing the city's administrative staff by 50%. She then mentioned that they have two people working one week and then the following week have two different people work in the office.

“It has been a really challenging time. We are working to keep our staff and the citizens safe,” Tripp said.

Another issue she brought up was that the city has received many questions about payments of utility bills. And she said they have been directing those people who come to the office to pay with cash or checks to the outside dropbox.

She added that people have been doing a good job of making payments. “It may not be the entire bill, but they're paying what they can,” she said.

The City Council’s Youth Advisor Steven Salazar spoke about some updates from the school. He said that students at the High School have provided every student the ability to check out a Chromebook from the school to learn remotely.

For Elementary School students he added that they are video chatting with their teachers daily and High School students are meeting with their teachers once a week.

Council member David Armstrong also brought up some updates from the school and said that the school has been sending out roughly 1,500 meals a day. On Thursday, he said that number is double because they also send out meals for Friday. All of this work could make them applicable for future awards and the council moved to discuss nominating them for an award during the next scheduled meeting.

The City Council’s Senior Advisor also offered up some updates and said that measures have been taken by the Senior Center per the Governor’s orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. She said that the Senior Center will remain closed to the public until the restrictions are lifted.

She added that they have been maintaining a line of communication with the main body of the center members by the phone or internet to provide assistance if needed. She also mentioned that they are currently in a waiting pattern on implementing safety and health measures to help with the emotional and mental well-being of their members when the restrictions are lifted.

One of the last things discussed at the meeting were the results from the marijuana poll sent out to citizens. City Clerk Tripp said that they have received quite a few and were still receiving results so they wanted to wait on further discussion about the results.

After some further discussion the City Council members decided to set a deadline of April 24 to send the polls in and then to count the polls on April 28 at 6 p.m. Mayor Collins indicated that they will hold that meeting on the City of Las Animas Facebook page.

The next Las Animas city council meeting is scheduled to take place on May 12, starting at 7 p.m.