Starting Wednesday, restaurants may begin seating customers in their establishments, according to an announcement from Gov. Jared Polis's office on Monday.

Restaurants will be able to open at 50 % capacity according to their occupancy code limit. Restaurants also cannot pass a maximum capacity of 50 people regardless of their occupancy code limit, according to a news release from the governor's office.

Bars are to remain closed for now and they and like services will be evaluated by the state in June. Private campsites opened on Monday. Joining restaurants in reopening on Wednesday will be children's youth and sports camps. Overnight residential camps are to remain closed through June, according to the news release.

On Tuesday Crowley / Otero Health Department highlighted some of the guidelines that come along with reopening restaurants:

Restaurant patrons must maintain at least six foot distance from persons in other parties. Persons party to one table may not move to join someone from another party, and mingling is not allowed.

Restaurant employees are required to wear masks or face coverings.

All shared surfaces by parties to a restaurant, such as chairs, booths, tables and door knobs, must be deep cleaned and disinfected at each turnaround, or between seating new patrons.

Full restaurant guidance can be read here.

The governor's office urged strict guidance for day camps and sports camps organizers, including planning capacity for social distancing with six feet between individuals; limiting outdoor groups to 25 and indoor groups to 10; and established protocols for reporting illness or possible exposure to COVID-19 to hospital staff and local and state health officials.

Guidelines also state that while camps are in session there should be staggered pick-up/drop-off schedules and dining schedules.

"I know this has been a very different school year than many students were expecting, and thanks to the success of our social distancing efforts so far, Colorado kids will be able to enjoy day camps and youth sports camps this summer in as safe a manner as possible. The risk, though less, is still very real, and it’s up to families to make the best decisions that work for them. We also appreciate the critical role that day camps, along with daycare which has already been operating in as safe a manner as reasonably possible, play in supporting working parents," Gov. Polis said in his announcement Monday.

The governor also extended the Safer at Home order to June 1, which coincides with the day Otero County plans to adopt a variance plan loosening restrictions to an extent on some local businesses and services; the variance plan will depend on approval from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and could be approved, amended or rejected in part or in whole.

A Public Health Order reflecting amendments to the Safer at Home order was scheduled to be released by Polis's office Tuesday.