John Leroy Foulk

The world lost a beautiful soul when John Leroy Foulk, “Big John”, 87, of Lamar, Colo., passed away from COPD and CHF on July 3, 2020, at his home in Garibaldi, Ore. John was the son of the late George and Helen Foulk of Colorado. Born Dec. 23, 1932, John lived the first part of his life in Colorado, Chicago, and California. He loved hunting, fishing and flying his airplane. He hunted elk and deer all over the Northwest.

He moved to Oregon in 1970 with his wife Nellie, where they lived for 30 years in the area of Forest Grove. John worked as a contractor and plumber, owning his own business before they retired for 20 years to the Oregon coast and the community of Garibaldi/Tillamook. He lived out his last years on the streams and the ocean of that area.

Everywhere “Big John” lived he participated and was active in his community being an active member and office holder in many service organizations, being a Council member, and being a “Second Dad” to dozens, and being a great friend. “Big John” lived a big life.

In his retirement he was a strong fighter against lung cancer that tried to take him down in 2006 through 2009. He went through chemo and radiation and was on hospice, but through his faith in God, and a natural lifestyle health regime, miracles happened, and he went into remission and he lived for another 11 years.

Father’s day this year he wore his contagious smile as he shared the day with some of those that survive him including great-grandchildren Madilynn and Ryder Foulk, grandson Derek Foulk, son Tim Foulk, daughter Renee Glass, and his wife of 50 years Nellie Foulk. He is also survived by his daughter Amy Lenz-Werner and her children Amanda, Sarah and Mathew, and by his brother Bob Foulk and Sister Nancy Foulk, and by Sister Audrey Branson.

John will be laid to rest at 10 a.m. on July 13 at Bent County - Las Animas Cemetery in Las Animas, Colo., with a graveside ceremony.





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