Progressive ideas

would ruin our country

 An opinion letter printed last month was in complete error. The writer wanted us to "vote progressive and save our great democracy." Besides the fact that the United States is a republic (albeit with democratic institutions), progressivism would completely destroy what we have in this country. Our constitution was written by men who were Christians for the most part. Christians believe in the sanctity of the individual. That's why the constitution guarantees individual rights. Not group rights, but individual rights.

 The progressive ideology is all about groups. Workers, unions, minorities, gays, proletariat or "the ruling oligarchs" stated by the writer in his letter. Progressives don't care one wit about individuals. All you have to do is watch the news to see progressives demonize conservative blacks for not backing a minority candidate or saying women who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton were forced to by their husbands. It didn't matter that Clinton was a two-faced liar. Progressives don't see that as bad if its a lie told in support of their agenda. To them, the end justifies the means. They can lie, cheat steal and assassinate a person's character all in the name of progress on the road to socialism.

 Just wait and see how much Colorado will start looking like California if our new governor is allowed to implement his progressive agenda.

 Al Pearson, Pueblo


Polis' health care plan

will mean tax increases

 Voters in Colorado soundly defeated all of the statewide tax increase ballot initiatives on the 2018 ballot.

 Conversely, they have surrendered control of the Legislature and governor’s office to tax-and-spend Democrats, virtually guaranteeing higher taxes for socialist programs.

 Jared Polis clearly has stated his desire for single-payer health insurance and outlawing any employer- or private sector-provided insurance. By definition, everyone’s taxes will have to be increased exponentially to pay for this “free” system. This Californication of Colorado will, no doubt, result in an influx of homeless and working poor to our state to take advantage of the state’s do-gooder largess while businesses and higher income earners flee to lower tax states.

 I am certain that as I am writing this letter the discussions are well underway outlining legislative tax increases for the same issues like transportation and education that were rejected by voters.

 I also am certain we will see the socialists proposing legislation to confiscate and further regulate firearms. Democrats, unlike Republicans, never waste a majority to ram their ideals down our throats.

 Republicans wasted a majority in the Congress to repeal the unaffordable care act and institute conservative budgets. Their refusal to use the nuclear option Democrats enacted to pass the Affordable Care Act is seriously burdening Americans with huge increases in medical insurance premiums.

 When Gov. Polis establishes his “free” single-payer program and your taxes go through the roof, remember, elections have consequences.

 James Richardson, Pueblo West


Sangre de Cristo helped

develop interest in art

My Pueblo pride is a part of me that I have held onto since before I moved away for the first time more than 15 years ago. From the only dish that qualifies as green chile to the unique and vibrant culture that make up the city, I love telling people all about Pueblo.

One place I am most grateful for while growing up is the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center. I recently applied to and was accepted as an artist in residence at the Corvallis Arts Center in Oregon. The Sangre de Cristo arts center encouraged me by building a foundation to appreciate art as well as create my own work.

Donna Stinchcomb demonstrated the importance of art daily and introduced me to inspirational artists like John Wilbar and Joni Giarratano. The exhibits showcasing John Mendoza and Dorothy Mendoza are the most memorable and some of my favorites. Getting to work at the Buell Children’s Museum taught me the magic in art and how to keep it alive. My culture has an artistic cornerstone because of the Sangre de Cristo arts center of Pueblo.

 Kimberly Brainard Long, Corvallis, OR