Money talks

I wish this impeachment process had happened when I was a professional lobbyist representing 10 major corporations and being a consultant to some unnamed millionaires. Besides being a lobbyist, I was a trial lawyer representing corporations in multimillion dollar cases against the state.

The trick in finding President Donald Trump not guilty in the Senate is finding the right argument to convince U.S. senators that he is not guilty. There only is one argument and it is a winner. Simply put, it's money. I would go into Washington, D.C., with an obscene amount of money and tell everyone in my senator's offices that my clients wanted Trump found not guilty. Since both of my Iowa senators were Republicans, they already were ready to vote not guilty, but I would want them to know that the organizations that raised money for them were behind their vote. Some of the senior staff members I knew well-enough to just tell them the truth.

My clients wanted Trump to stay in office because he appoints people who can be bought. Most problems needed to be solved by lobbyists are regulations. I would rather be dealing with a political appointee than a top agency official who understands what we are discussing. I would entertain top agency officials and their wives never mentioning my business with their agency. I would just want them not to vigorously oppose my request.

Richard Barr, Pueblo