Here is the latest fishing report for southeast Colorado provided by the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Arkansas River - Leadville to Salida

Information provided by Braden Baker with Ark Anglers.

As of May 20, "Runoff is definitely underway, and right on schedule. Tributary flows are starting to leap upward on a daily basis, and the reservoir releases to the north are matching their outflows to incoming snowmelt. If you have to fish moving water, trying to time your outing with the downward trend in the diurnal cycle will give you the best chance at any improvement (though marginal) in clarity. You will want to focus on fishing the few soft pockets of slower water along the edges, and your best luck will probably come with flies that contrast the dark water. Some anglers swear by bright, flashy attractor flies during high water while other prefer black and white patterns for maximum contrast. For the next month, your stillwaters will be the best alternatives while we melt some snow! We anticipate quality float fishing conditions to return by June 20."

Flows: 461 CFS at Hayden Meadows, 1,340 CFS at Hecla Junction, 1.540 CFS at Wellsville.

John Martin Reservoir

As of May 16, anglers have reported having success pulling in crappie, white bass and wipers. One angler reported having lots of success using yellow mister twister lures.

Pueblo Reservoir

As of May 8, water temperature has been recorded at 62 degrees, Anglers have been productive while targeting trout and walleye. Anglers have indicated they have used a variety of baits and lures to attract fish. Many Anglers have noted consistent success using leeches to attract walleye. Jigs and worms have also provided some success, specifically jigs in colors black, pink and green. Trolling with a pop gear set up has gotten some anglers into walleye as well.

Lake Trinidad

As of May 12, Trinidad Lake has reported good fishing. Park staff noted that "boaters have had great luck trolling for trout and targeting walleye and smallmouth bass in 10-20 feet." Shore anglers have also had success catching trout on the south shore. Trout have been caught using hooks tipped with dough bait and worms. The average-sized trout that south shore anglers have pulled in range between 12-15 inches. Anglers have also reported catching decent sized trout and perch using jigs and worms in Reilly Canyon. The boat ramp is now open! Inspections are required before every launch. Hours of inspection are daily from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. For an inspection, please call (719) 859-0480 or (719) 989-7194.